Dark Matter is on Hiatus Until Fall!
Dark Matter is on Hiatus Until Fall!
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Dark Matter is on Break Until Fall 2021

We are going on hiatus in order to redesign our packaging and figure out our post Covid-19 production, as well as work on a couple surprises! :)


I would die for them!?

This is yum

I am bad at writing reviews. But I am good at eating chocolate. I am pretty obsessed with this chocolate. it has enough spice to be incredibly delicious without having it completely overpower the excellent chocolate base under it. There is not much more to say aside from repeat the above yum indicator. Try it!


Rich and tasty. That is all.

Artisanal chocolate by nerds for nerds

Looking for the perfect gift for a Harry Potter or Dr. Who fan? Dark Matter Chocolate has chocolates for your all your science fiction, fantasy, gaming, and anime loving friends.

With so many flavors, you'll definitely find something all but the most picky chocolate eater will love! We source our chocolate from Guittard, which uses cocoa beans from Fair Trade farmers, and our products are made with (non-robot) love in Boston, MA.