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Free shipping on all subscriptions!
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Dragon chocolate sitting on leaf in fall leaves
Digital white chocolate Selkie
Digital milk chocolate hippocampus (half horse half fish)
Dark chocolate kraken cuddling a boat
Cookies and Cream Bar
Holiday Spice Bar
Lancaster Bar
Match Bar
Midnight Bar
Syrian Coffee Bar
Toffee Toffee Toffee Bar
Mythical Monthly Subscription

Mythical Monthly Subscription

Every box has eight fantastical flavors and four new designs of your favorite dragons and other magical creatures!

First boxes shipping now! We are out of stock of the Holiday Spice Dragons and Midnight Krakens.

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Choose what to avoid or your preferences in your box. This will carry forward for all future boxes in your subscription.
  • The chocolate may contain traces of allergens since it is produced in a shared kitchen and all flavors use the same equipment.
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Choose what you want in the first box. You will need to change this every box.

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I would die for them!?

This is yum

I am bad at writing reviews. But I am good at eating chocolate. I am pretty obsessed with this chocolate. it has enough spice to be incredibly delicious without having it completely overpower the excellent chocolate base under it. There is not much more to say aside from repeat the above yum indicator. Try it!


Rich and tasty. That is all.

  • Dragon chocolate sitting on mushroom

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Mythical Subscription Box

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